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ADMAFLEX 2.0 3D ceramic printers

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Four new 3D printers started operation this month at the facility of Dutch startup Admatec, a 3D printing company that develops a wide range of printing solutions for ceramics which include material and machine. The company was founded at the end of 2012 by Formatec, ECN and Innotech and developed its ADMAFLEX technology […]

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Full Length Feature: New Digital Craft

Author: Saskia van der Linden. A new 21st Century Craft. Large 3D clay printer manufactures skilfully crafted ceramics impossible to produce on a potter’s wheel. While ceramic 3Dprinters are becoming more common the cost of 3D printed consumer stoneware is still high. Dutch Design duo, Marlieke & Yao from Vormvrij|3D, has spent the last year […]

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Olivier van Herpts new delta printer makes stunning 3D printed pottery

Dutch artist Olivier van Herpt has spent the last two years working on 3D printer and 3D printing process that could make large and medium scale functional 3D printed ceramics. van Herpt’s interest in 3D printing ceramics was guided by the possibilities and limitations of the technology. The desktop 3D printers allow people to make products that […]


Dutch designer’s analog 3D Clay Printer

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker A different approach to 3D Printing Dutch designer, Daniël de Bruin worked with 3D printers for quite some time, but there was one thing bothering him. The results of the printer didn’t feel like personal achievements anymore. They were products of this new technology. A machine did all the work. He therefor […]

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Printing Things Book by Unfold

Happy to announce that our book Printing Things, Visions and Essentials for 3D-Printing is finished, off to the printing press and available now for preorder at Gestalten. We’ve worked hard over the last several months to compile this book together with Gestalten. Featuring over 100 projects from various artists, designers and makers exploring a new wave […]

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3D printing branches out with new clay-based filament for ceramics

Lay-Ceramic – overview If you own a printer and like to experiment, get ready to freak out! You can now squeeze ceramic objects through the nozzle of your 3D printer. The creation of Lay-Ceramic is inspired by enthusiasts like Dries Verbruggen (Unfold) who is working with his porcelain paste extruders since some years. Lay-Ceramic – […]

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Woven clay by Jared Friedmand

Jared Friedmand in collaboration with Olga Mesa and Hea Min Kim Project Abstract: The Standard definitions and models of additive manufacturing, such as those outlined by ASTM (2012), often assume a layer-by-layer deposition of a material onto a flat surface. The research presented looks to explore what alternative formal opportunities that may arise when challenging […]

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Unfold uses ceramic 3D printing to create unusual works

Belgian Design Studio Unfold started extruding ceramic materials with a RepRap one year ago. In their recent post they gave an overview of some of the stuff they have been printing in porcelain. If you look at the carafe & cups pictured above it is difficult to believe all these were printed on an open […]