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Ceramic 3D Printing KIT coming to KickStarter!

Editorial: Anatoly Berezkin from the recently found Stoneflower3d clay printer company is delighted to present his ceramics 3d printing kit. The kit will be available at kickstarter soon. It consists of a piston driven Cartridge connected to the Auger operated Extruder by tube. It can handle a slightly diluted clay and a wide variety of […]

Hans Fouche Presents Warthog Ceramic 3D Printing Solution for End-use Products

Project “StoneFlower” 3d clay printer

3D Potters new Potterbot XLS-1

Claybot launches at the International Ceramics Festival, July 1st 2017

Kickstarter for the new Clay XYZ 3D printer

3d powder printer alternatives

Ceramo One, hi Precision ceramics printer from Kwambio.

Official press release from Kwambio Ltd. Ukraine. Edit: Yao vd Heerik. To be announced at CES 2018: Kwambio Brings Maximum Precision to 3D Printing of Ceramics NYC-based startup Kwambio developed its very own high precision 3D printer, Ceramo One®, specifically for 3D printing of ceramic objects. They are going to present it at CES in […]

XJet announces Carmel 1400 and 700 ceramic 3D printers

Admatec’s new ADMAFLEX 130 ceramic 3D printer


The 3D Printing Handbook: No mention of clay extrusion!

This week was announced that 3dhubs launched  theirfirst book: The 3D Printing Handbook. We at 3dclayprinting.com received the book today. And it was an interesting read. Unfortunately there is No reference to the use and application of 3d clay printing. (other than a single line in chapter ‘1.2.3 Other’ and even that single line was […]

Printing Things Book by Unfold



Porcelain from the printer: tradition meets disruption

By: Yao van den Heerik Project Sponsored by PHASE XI Germany PHASE XI is a project from the Competence Center for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Federal Government of Germany within the framework of the Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative and is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.   The […]


3d Clay printing at Nottingham Trent University

SEEM[N]EST by Studio UnSeen, Estonia.

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3D Clay Printing: a threat or opportunity?

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Hanil Company promotes Clay Printing in South Korea HANIL is a Korean company highly specialized in all ceramic industry fields, producing and marketing frits, glazes, inks and ceramic colours. They provide technological innovations necessary for a successful progress. At the 2017 craft exhibition in South Korea HANIL presented Vormvrij’s 3d Clay Printer. […]

3D Printer Compatible Vacuum Mixing Pugmills Coming This Fall

Claybot introduces Quickvase, a genarative STL generator for 3dclay printing

Repurposing Portland stone waste