Article Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit an article link or other information to for review and publication please take not of the following guidelines:

Your submission must be related to 3d Clay or Ceramics Printing.

  • All articles/posts have a feature image, they will be scaled to 623×446 pixels.
    send an image to feature your story the same size or larger.
  • At the top and the bottom of an article we will place your credential and source of your material. They will be embedded with a link if possible.
  • Please give your full name, the project name, short project description, and photographer of applicable.
  • The article can be 150 to 400 words long.
  • Keep the title of an article/post Short.
    We will place the full title below your Credentials above the article.
  • Pictures within the post must have a minimum 1000 pixels width normally lanscape. If they are portrait make the width a 1000 pixels minimum.
  • Videos can be linked from Youtube directly. in youtube right click the video, choose ‘copy embed code’. please send us that code, your video will be embedded on the site.
  • Full feature articles can have a length up to 1500 words but these must go in depth to particular subject and will be reviewed by at least two permanent contributors.

You can send your contribution by email

Thank you for your input, we look forward receiving it!
The Team.