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Ceramo One, hi Precision ceramics printer from Kwambio.

Official press release from Kwambio Ltd. Ukraine. Edit: Yao vd Heerik. To be announced at CES 2018: Kwambio Brings Maximum Precision to 3D Printing of Ceramics NYC-based startup Kwambio developed its very own high precision 3D printer, Ceramo One®, specifically for 3D printing of ceramic objects. They are going to present it at CES in […]

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Stronger 3D printed ceramics

Author: Marlieke Wijnakker Tethon 3D files patent Leading manufacturer of ceramic powders, Tethon 3D, has recently filed a patent for a 3D printer design that incorporates compression into a powder 3D printer. This design will significantly improve the strength of 3D printed ceramics and perhaps even other powder materials.   Ceramic is a relatively small […]

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3D Systems Teams with 5 Artists to 3D Print Incredible Ceramic Sculptures

From: 3DPrint.com There are so many materials available now-a-days to 3D print with. Of course most of us, from a consumer standpoint, are familiar with the thermoplastics such as ABS and PLA, or the photosensitive resins used within desktop SLA printers like the Form 1+, but outside the general consumer space, there are even more […]