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Ceramic Messages

Editorial: Seremik is the St. Gallen-based Rapid Pottery plant that was founded by Olaf Egner
By: Admin, Semerik Swiss,
Images provided by Seremik Swiss and public record.

Ceramics can be useful for many reasons – as a vessel, tool, as an object of memory, as an expression of a devotion to craftsmanship. OIaf sees his digitally printed ceramics more as messages to his social group. Seremic objects therefore often contain an ironic echo of his earlier work on the Internet.

‘moral models’

His “moral models”, for example, are 2.5-dimensional enlargements of icons. Small symbols that are supposed to provide orientation in software, as popular with clients as they are hated by designers. The series “Thoughtless things” are high-fired scribbles that were put on paper in meaningless meetings.

‘thoughtless things’

The new collection “Trees” deals with trees for Christmas. Emotionally distant, a bit raw overall and certainly not meant to be serious. For people who would rather be left alone on these days – if they only could.

‘threesome’ and the making of

Seremik objects are for sale and are produced in Olaf’s studio in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Olaf and his guests test methods that enable the efficient and environmentally friendly production of low-tech products in the smallest possible space. Seremik focuses on 3D printing with pottery clay and is currently the only Swiss supplier to offer analogue or digitally designed ceramics as a print-on-demand service.


source and images: Olaf Eger, Seremik Website