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Kickstarter for the new Clay XYZ 3D printer

If you are looking for e cheap new and alternative way to 3d create with clay the new Clay XYZ might be just the printer for you.

Clay XYZ, found in 2015, by John Fray. A ceramics artist who is eager to get as many people as possible involved with ceramics. Recognising the difficulty of handcrafts pose for many he saw 3D printing technology as a ‘’magical tool’’ that could bring ceramic production in a more straightforward way.

There were already machines that could 3D print with clay on the market, but according to Fray “these industrial ones are prohibitively expensive, and the DIY desktop equivalents were severely lacking in terms of their final product”.

With a print volume of 210 x 220 x 180 mm, the Clay XYZ can create all sorts of small designs from any basic modeling clay. The startup has already uploaded an library of 3D models onto its site and their Thingiverse account.
Printing with this machine will give you the bonus of reusing the materiel when you get unsatisfying results. Once you’ve finished and have a final product you are happy with you can still sculpt, fire and glaze or decorate it in any other way you like.

A 3D printer that uses clay as its material has some major advantages for the casual hobbyist 3D sculptor. The material is easy to find, and the Clay XYZ can handle all sorts of basic modelling clay. 

If you already own a desktop 3D printer you can just purchase the extruder head on its own, as it is compatible with most FDM machines.

On Kickstarter A Super Early Bird pledge of $699 will get you the entire 3D printing system including 2 clay tubes and a toolkit.
The Regular early bird price is $749.
The standard pledge for the whole set will be $799.
The extrusion device alone is available for $399, or $349 if you get your pledge early.

The Kickstarter for the Clay XYZ has already reached its initial $10,000 goal, and will keep running until July 8.